The Final Frontier

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A suspenseful and thrilling sci-fi action- Reader's Favourite- Anne-Marie Reynolds- The Final Frontier is an out of this world story of familial reconciliation.  H.M. Irwing writes a congenial, yet educated story of science fiction. Mastering the art of imagination and scientific principles of astrophysics and genetics, Irwing draws the reader into The Final Frontier's cosmic reality. With a blend of real science and technology the author creates an ordered, yet volatile universe.


An Epic Fantasy- Kirkus

The Final Frontier", a captivating fantasy/sci-fi romantic novel written by author H.M. Irwing. Sim an outsider student at a Johua military academy until she unwittingly killed a depraved  instructor. She is scooped up by the Ovions, a virtuous,  formidable Johuan guardian-peacekeeper caste that upholds justice throughout the United Awakened Worlds. This all leads the story to an obscure planet--Earth in the year 2020--which allows the story to embrace culture-shock comedy with the alien beings trying to acclimatize themselves to Earth 

Highly Recommended- Reader's Favourites- Kathryn Bennet. This

book certainly made me dive in and think 'space, the final

frontier,' which was perfect for me. The book is captivating from

the first page until the last, and the flow of action is perfect.

Sim is an interesting heroine and she has to endure a lot,

which makes her relatable. I love finding a connection with a

character, even a sci-fi one, and that was my connection

with Sim. I congratulate H.M. Irwing on a well written book

that I would highly recommend.