Marrying A Playboy Billionaire


Aria Longbottom, a bubbly career oriented women, no longer had a place for a man in her life. Thrown over five years ago, by her then boyfriend Dale Carmichael, on the night of new years’s eve, for her more attractive cousin, Linda Shubeck, Aria was not all that eager to get back on that horse again. Especially, not with her multi-millionaire and playboy childhood friend, Justin Kay. That new year’s eve night, lost in passion in his arms could very well have been on a rebound. It surely wasn’t anything more. Or was it? But that was something she would never know having run out on him the very morning after.


Justin Kay, the fun loving super rich, who enjoyed hard work and then the hard booze and partying lifestyle. He should not have rightly remembered a new year’s eve night with Aria Longbottom tucked close in his arms. He should not have remembered her there at all, for she had been wearing a mask. Something that had surprisingly stayed on. But five years on and she was all he remembered still.


In an effort to settle what Aria deemed was an old debt, she approached Justin with nothing more than a business deal. A method to assuage old guilt. A method to move on past what must surely be an unhealthy obsession over Justin. Five years was too long a time to not even contemplate another man. And Aria certainly hadn’t so much as glanced at another man in all that time. It was time to move on.


Only Justin had his own ideas of how things should move on and with whom. With his usual signature grin and incorrigible personality, he sets out to dupe and seduce Aria back to where he wanted her most.  In his bed, in his life and as his wife.



Review by Mosero - Online Book Club

Writing is an art that few are blessed with, many pay attention when the writer has mastered this art. Marrying a billionaire play boy by H.M. Irwing
is a tale that is carefully crafted in such a way that it draws you in, holds you down and never let's you go from the beginning. It tells the story of Aria, a beautiful brunette who seems to have her career working for her but her love life has her stuck in the past thanks to Dale, her ex. All this while she is struggling to bridge the gap as to why Dale left her for her beautiful cousin. To make matters worse, instead of Dale growing ugly, he ages gracefully turning into a hot bomb that slowly kills Aria.

However, we are introduced to Justin Kay; Dale's irresistibly hot, rich, and annoying friend, who sweeps Aria off her feet. There is more, Justin wants to marry Aria and its not the usual wedding we are all thinking about. The mother in-law kind of decides everything.He has a history with women too that isn't very pleasing. So is he really serious? Will he really marry Aria? Is he the prince charming every girl dreams about? Or is he just playing around as usual?

I picked this book up with a lot of expectations the title influenced my decision to read the story. My thirst was quenched with each paged I turned. One thing I loved about this book is the author's skill in characterisation. I was able to feel the presence of each and every character. I loved and hated Justin as much as Aria did. My heart broke every time Dale grew hotter instead of being ugly for Aria's sake. Life felt unfair in this story and yes, I got emotionally attached. The descriptions were on point and I got to applaud the author for that.

The story had a very strong start, that I could say was entertaining. I also noticed there were a lot of love making scenes that I thought was a little bit too much. I wish this could have been moderated a bit. I couldn't pin point any editorial error, the editors must have done a good job. 

Its a good read that I would recommend to all romance book lovers and everybody else who is a hopeless romantic. Those of us who think bad boys can turn into gentlemen and love with all their hearts, should take a sit too and enjoy the tale.