Halloween Specials

Halloween Specials · 13. October 2017
The hunt is on! But don't come alone. Bring your friends! Join the fun and games and haunt yourself... I mean hunt yourself some great treasures! And its not just me! They have 54 authors participating and $1350 in prizes. 3 GRAND PRIZE Winners will get a $100 Amazon Card $25 Amazon eGift Cards (8 Winners) $10 Amazon eGift Cards (35 Winners) $5 Amazon eGift Cards (100 Winners) The event is at: www.nightowlreviews.com. SHARES / TWEETS / COMMENTS Please SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT on the Facebook...
Halloween Specials · 11. October 2017
Warlock and witches. A battle as old as time. In a sleepy town of Leaongatta, evil lurks in the strangest places. So how does the palm sized Lisa Matthews fit in with all of this? Will our blood lusting hero be able to resist her diminutive charms? Read on to find out.

Halloween Specials · 11. October 2017
Casey finds her soulmate in the most unlikely place- the Library. But will she recognize him for what he truly is? Find out more in this Halloween Special.