Romance books reduced to 99cents! For the most romantic weekend for the year.
29. April 2018
My review of INFINITY WARS!

06. April 2018
HEARTACHES: BAD BOY VIBES series by H.M. Irwing Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance Trigger Warnings about rape #99CENTS Amazon ✯ B&N ✯ Goodreads Anna Walters-Simmons has just lost her stepfather. For her and her mother, it’s no big loss; the abusive bastard had been nothing but trouble for the past eleven years. Unfortunately, his death has brought another trouble into their lives: Brian, Anna’s stepbrother who, for reasons still unclear, murdered his own father. When one of the few...
14. March 2018
The Online Book Club -Book of the Day is here! Heartaches Bad Boy Vibes the first of the epic dark romance trilogy to wet your literary appetite for more is the Book of the Day!

27. February 2018
The Promo Tour is coming! Hosted by the Magic of Books Promotions, this is one virtual tour not to be missed. Book in your dates. From April 11 to 18, catch your favourite book discussed on various blogsites. Join the tour and share in the discussion. Heartaches Bad Boy Vibes, the romance trilogy, may be the most controversial novel of our times but it has a message. A message that must be heard. Uncloak it in your own thoughts and share those thoughts in the heated discussions to emerge.
Enticing romantic reads for your indulgence. Bask in the glow of love this Valentines with some of the most talented writers of this industry. Enjoy the poignantly written words guaranteed to melt your heart. In an exclusive countdown event listing 9 new romance books at free to 99cents prices for your reading pleasure. Click on the pictures below to find out more!

10. December 2017
In a day and age when the pen is mightier than the sword, wielding the pen comes with great responsibility. A responsibility to change the world we see for the better. It is that change that we all face on a daily basis. A change brought upon us by the words we read that day, that hour, that moment in time. We fight that change readily, casting doubts and aspirations at the writer, challenging his/her words. But if those words are sprouted by more than one. An army of a kind ferrying that same...
01. November 2017
A blast of as time with the hottest God's taking on their hot as Hell..a sister!

Halloween Specials · 13. October 2017
The hunt is on! But don't come alone. Bring your friends! Join the fun and games and haunt yourself... I mean hunt yourself some great treasures! And its not just me! They have 54 authors participating and $1350 in prizes. 3 GRAND PRIZE Winners will get a $100 Amazon Card $25 Amazon eGift Cards (8 Winners) $10 Amazon eGift Cards (35 Winners) $5 Amazon eGift Cards (100 Winners) The event is at: SHARES / TWEETS / COMMENTS Please SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT on the Facebook...
Halloween Specials · 11. October 2017
Warlock and witches. A battle as old as time. In a sleepy town of Leaongatta, evil lurks in the strangest places. So how does the palm sized Lisa Matthews fit in with all of this? Will our blood lusting hero be able to resist her diminutive charms? Read on to find out.

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