Ever After

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This is not a fairy tale! Or is it?

Cindy Marshall is Cinderella. Born into a rich family her life turns topsy turvy when her mother is diagnosed with cancer.   Abandoned by her father, Cindy's disillusionment is complete when her mother dies. 


No longer believing in love, marriage and happily ever after, broke and jobless. Cindy gets a job in the elite nightclub, The Monks. And who turns out to be The Monk himself? Who but Prince Charming! Only his name is Julian St John and he is anything but living a fairy tale. Born into the Italian mafia as the heir to the Mafia King himself. Julian St John is never shy of the limelight. A self-made billionaire, Julian is all but bucking the system himself. Only he is not averse to finding himself a bride. In fact, it was love at first sight for Julian on laying eyes on Cindy, just as she was about to get accosted by a group of drunks. Will her knight in shining armour save the day? What about Cinderella's step siblings. Siblings that include two step brothers and business tycoons, Cash Metl and Henry Colins.

A fairy tale romance



Review by The Online Book Club -- Ever After by H M Irwing


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3 out of 4 stars


Imagine Cinderella and the son of a Mafia King, the Dark Prince. Ever After by H M Irwing is the making of a modern day fairy-tale romance where billions matter more than the tittle of a man. This is yet another twist at the Cinderella story.

Our main character Cindy, who lost her mother to cancer by finding her dead upon her return from school at the age of sixteen. Her father who had left them years before to be with his personal secretary and married her soon after her mother had died. The guilt and the pain of watching her mother waste away had weighed her down for she felt she could have done more for her. This story is about a Cinderella who does not want to ever fall in love, because of how her father had abandoned them and. even when she was rescued by her dark prince on the streets in the wee hours of the morning from what could have been a fate worse than death at the hands of five drunkards, love did not slap her in the face. There are no fairy god mothers or magic wands, just an emotional journey when meeting her new family five years later and the discovery of her feelings for the dark prince the billionaire that every other woman wants.

I like the plot of the story and I think the writing could have been more. For instance the details of the scenery and the feelings and emotions of our Cindy could have been a bit more detailed. I did feel sorry for Cindy, but only because it is basic human nature to feel that way at someone else’s. Despite the lack of gripping emotions, the story in itself is humorous at times and very entertaining. After the first page I couldn’t put the book down and when I did I just wanted to get back to it.

The story is all about the discovery of new feelings and emotions that one usually goes through in their first romances. The sexual content is mild and so is the dirty talk. I recommend this book to teenagers or those who are just discovering love and they don’t know how or what they are feelings because they can relate. Ever After provides an escape from the ups and downs of the real life romances that never seem to go right.


Here is a romance all girls want and dream about. I give this book a 3 out of 4 stars because it was able to take me back to my teenage days of reading the forbidden romances and how exciting and confusing it was when discovering all those new feelings. There were a few grammatical errors that are not worth mentioning. I had fun reviewing this book and would very much love to read more of H M Irwing’s work.