Twinkle Twinkle Little Starr


A Little Lost A Little Found


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Lucy Little was born Luxy Ara Starr. She hasn’t a clue she is the hybrid of two contrary cultures and mixed heritage. An African American for a father and an Australian outback cattle-woman for a mother.  But how did that knowledge land her in her current predicament- buried alive in a coffin six-feet under… and on the eve of Valentine’s Day?


Jace Neil is a Lucy’s childhood frenemy. Rich, abrasive and a player, Jace is a little more than her provokingly mocking friend. Only she would never admit that attraction to his face. So, what happens when his usual provoking taunt turned flirtatious? Will Jace Neil be too hot to handle?


Love has a funny way of reaching out of the trenches and grabbing them unawares. But what if those trenches are bitterly entwined in a dark web of lies and deceit? Who will Lucy choose? Jace Neil or his friend Richard Reeves?


Luxy Ara Starr

Luxy Ara Starr of A Little Lost A Little Found.

Luxy daughter to a famous singer, Knyte Starr is brought up as Lucy Little. Brought up in Melbourne, Australia by her mother, Lucy is bent on denying her birthright. Shunning the famous Los Angeles based father she's never met and turning away from a career in singing. Unwilling to follow her father's footsteps Lucy refuses to use her God-given talent to sing. But will the return of her long-lost twin brother change her mind?

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Jace Neil

Meet Lucy's childhood friend.

Jace Neil is every girl's dream come true.

But is he Lucy's?

Will he ever see her as anything more than a friend?

Does she want him too?

But Jace has troubles of his own. A family who wants him to secure the future of their troubled exclusive designer wear business. A business now run and financed by Jace's friend and the root of all his troubles, Richard Reeves.

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Richard Reeves

Richard Reeves is more than meets the eye. A business minded billionaire, he seemed unusually bent on securing Lucy Little for his own. Despite knowing his best friend's Jace's keen interest in her too.

But does he know of her illustrious background? Does he know Lucy is really Luxy? The daughter to the famous singer Knyte Starr?

Who will win Lucy's heart in the end? Jace or Richard?

Who would you like to win?

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