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Heartaches Bad Boy Vibes


Not all romance stories are filled with sunshine, rainbows and flowers. Not all romance stories feature ‘happy-go-lucky’ characters, whom have not a care in the world. Not all romance stories are fairy tales.



Heartaches-Bad Boy Vibes, is a story of power, pain, abuse and trauma. Heartaches-Bad Boy Vibes, is a story of determination, resolve, grit and will-power. It boldly confronts the issue of sexual abuse, and the on-going suffering faced by the victims.

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A book about two lost souls trying to come to terms with past trauma, loss and abuse by getting justice and finding a purpose in life.


An intriguing tale of pain, betrayal, loss, pain, self discovery and ultimately love; it takes us through a range of emotions.


 Book of the Day March 13th -- Dark Romance

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Heartaches: Bad Boy Vibes by HM Irwing

Published by Royalty Publishing House

This book has over 40 Amazon ratings and multiple 4/4 by the Volunteer Reviewers!

This is an adult contemporary dark romance trilogy that delves deep into the current and contentious topics of our time. It revolves around the lives of sexual assault victims. A must read for all!

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