Wielding the pen

In a day and age when the pen is mightier than the sword, wielding the pen comes with great responsibility. A responsibility to change the world we see for the better. It is that change that we all face on a daily basis. A change brought upon us by the words we read that day, that hour, that moment in time. 


We fight that change readily, casting doubts and aspirations at the writer, challenging his/her words. But if those words are sprouted by more than one. An army of a kind ferrying that same thought, than those words are ideas worthy of contemplation. They form the seeds of acceptance of gaining a unanimity of concept. Moving the hoard forwards masses at a time. 


Change like this are brought on daily. This is a healthy method of spreading and adopting change. No longer is there a need to pick up the axes and wield it at stubborn minds. The weapon of choice is the pen. It is the perfect weapon. Circumspect and lethal. It can build as it destroys, all without any consequences.


The pen. A harmless polymer leaking liquid stain. Its impotent visage is essentially a decoy. Many a fool have overlooked its importance until too late. The power it holds can move nations and break it.


If the pen is the tool then the writing is the weapon. The writer is its wielder. Many a hand have stalled at the telling of the truth. Many a pen have sold out for monetary gains. Many have used it to toy with the truth, to manipulate it, to paint their own pictures. With so many words so carelessly tosses about in the cloud there is no clear sight ahead. No clear view. No clear path for one voice to ring true. To sing above the rest. To be heard.


But to give up is to give in without a fight. 


I will not give in. I will not give up.


I have my truths to tell. I have my tales to tell. I have my pen to wield. I may not be as highly trained as the most skilled swordmasters out there, my blades may not sing as loud as the rest but that does not make its truths any less potent. It does not make its meaning any less true. 


In a world of falsies with lies so skillfully interwoven with the truths, I can only plough on. If not with skill then with the tenacity to do right and to sing true. 


To all others on this same self-chosen path... I implore you to stay on and stay true.


Writing is essentially sharing a piece of your mind with the world.  


Don't expect to get adoration for the effort. 


Don't expect to get appreciation for it.


Most will only delve in to your words out of curiosity. 


Others will look at it with doubt. Judging you for your difference. Ridiculing or outright slandering your thoughts. 


Might does not make them right. A fact that has been proven time and again. The world as a whole has erred countless times in the past and they will err again. 


Don't let the worries of what they think still the in in your pen. Let it flow. Let the ideas form and words sing.


That ink tells all of what you are thinking. Wield it boldly. Wield it bravely.


And most importantly wield it proudly. 


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