Thor Ragnarok- Movie Review

THOR- Ragnarok

So, I watched Thor -Ragnarok last night ans it was AMAZING!

Loved LOKI!- He is as always my favorite.


Thor had wonderful humor but seemed overly obsessed with the loss of his hammer over the loss of his Dad. There was exactly 1 second of mourning for the loss of his dad in the whole movie n that too got interrupted by Loki's own surprisingly more touching half a second mourning. They could have cut- the whole overly wrung out escape from junkyard planet to dedicate a more meaningful scene for both their mourning.


Hela was pretty awesome but I felt mostly bad for her, she wasn't really that evil. I am glad her dog didn't suffer an outright kill. That would have been hard to stomach. Hope she makes it out at the end n rejoins the brother's in Infinity Wars to defeat Thanos. I do think they could use her on their side.


The spoilers in the end was just that. A predicable outcome- Loki emptied his dad'd vault of treasures before he set the planet on fire. Thanos will hold the ship with all the Assguardians hostage until the infinity stone is handed over.


Then the brothers will depart for Earth to off load their passengers and collect some avengers including one very annoyed Dr Strange for their massive cock up in handing all on a platter to Thanos... not to mention Thor returning with Loki in tow.


The Avengers embark on a lets save the universe mission only to encounter the Guardians already hard at work on it. They join forces to no avail.


And then -My wish- steps in to the rescue- Hela hot on the trail of her brother's clash with Thanos- Only will they get married and have some pale and purple babies? Or will One kill off the other?

Since Happy Endings are really hard to find, I vote Hela marries Thanos and takes on Green Guardian and her blue sister as her adopted daughters and all live happily ever after!


Now tell me.... is that too much to ask?