The Cat and Mouse about getting published!

19 July 2017 was a great date to be remembered. A lot happened on that day. But most significant- a least to me, was that I had finally gotten published! But like all dreams, what I had assumed was the milestone was actually just the beginning.


The beginning of a new chapter and quite possibly a new book.


But the challenge was on, and after what seemed an endless pursuit, I was not about to let it all go to waste. Not without a fight. That last battle cry to urge myself on. Arming up my resources, I now embark on a new journey. No longer one of simply tapping away at a keyboard trying to bring onto print what was so elusive in my head, but a new field altogether. One I was totally unfamiliar with and quite unprepared to encounter- the glitzy and glamorous world of social media and advertising.


And so the doorway to hell opened and in I walked oh-so boldly.


And like all good solid doorways, this one too, clanged shut. Sometimes behind my back but often in my face.


When one door closes another will open.


Will it though? What is the guarantee? Is there a guarantee. There really isn't, not in this industry or in any other for that matter. Its up to me and my hands to pry that door back open or at least to find that other elusive door still open.


So off I go embarking on an adventure of discovery.


Only it is I who is trying to get discovered. Not by all just the elusive few who diligently evade my efforts in introducing my works to them.


But I am an artist and so am bold. And so am brave.


But what if I am really not? Not bold and not at all brave.  So does that by default mean I am not an artist? If so why do I exist at all? In print... in this blog even?


I am bringing in the dogs!